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Daniel Prianti



-Graduated in Advertising at ESPM (Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing) and later in business at FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas);
-Worked for 6 years as client in companies such as Citibank, Kimberly Clark and Microsoft;
-Founded Router in 2006, migrating to the agency side and for over 7 years has led and planned online and offline campaigns for brands such as Nokia, Bacardi, Grey Goose, Sony, PlayStation, Natura, Itubaína Retrô, Água Schin, Devassa, Cornetto, Neve, Targifor and Belvita.
-Strong sense of leadership combined with learnings acquired from different markets;
-Engaged recently in business development across Latin America for the Agency and its recent Mobile spin-off;
-Currently taking an MBA at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership (http://berlin-school.com);
-In december 2013 agency iris (global creative innovation network http://www.iris-worldwide.com/) acquired Router and Daniel remains as managing partner for iris router Brazil.